Imagine a nautical propulsion system so efficient that it could be powered directly by the sun …

to go further, faster, every day, on the wild

The new SolarThrust system

Two brushless outrunner electric motors (high efficiency, low turning speed)
Attached directly to large diameter propellers
Two or more orientable solar panels

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SolarThrust advantage

Now, instead of investing in expensive and heavy batteries that need to be charged at home, you could use that same investment to tap directly from the sun to extend your trip indefinitely

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Go Far

80% further per day, every day
(54Nm/97Km vs 30Nm/53Km * )

Go Fast

50% faster
(4.5knots vs 3knots * )

Go Autonomously

built-in autopilot

* shown comparison of SolarThrust with 2x 350W motors + 2x 100W solar panels on Prijon Kodiak kayak vs Torqeedo Ultralight 1103AC on Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 kayak